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About Universal Nikko Online Trading

Universal Nikko Online Trading (UNO) is a product online trading of PT Nikko Sekuritas Indonesia. Universal Nikko Online Trading itself has been through various stages of testing and continuous improvement over a year to ensure that these products are user friendly, reliable, and secure.

UNO is a stock trading system that allows customers to enter their own order to buy or sell via application based, without must go through an intermediary (dealer). The customer orders automatically and real time is passed from the web to a remote system that is connected directly to the trading engine at Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI), namely Jakarta Automated Trading System (JATS). UNO system is based on application based and smartphone application based.

Why Online Trading with Universal Nikko Online Trading?

Real Time Trade

  • Live Trade
  • Live Regional Index & Foreign Exchange
  • This facility allow you to predict the positive or negative sentiments that probably affect the Indonesian Stock Exchange
  • Selected Quote Watch List
  • Decide and grouped the shares you choose, and save in the workspace that you set
  • Monitoring transactions carried out by foreign as well as domestic brokers
  • Observing the trend of price movements directly, information that can be seen include bid, ask, last, open, high, low, close, top 20 volume, frequency, value, gainers, losers, securities

User Friendly

  • Simple
  • Customized & Predefined workspace
  • Define your own display workspace for ease in observing, analysis, market movements and transactions
  • Updated User Manual

Analytical Tools

  • Technical Analysis
  • Supported by comprehensive historical data which more than 40 technical analysis tools such as: MACD, RSI, Stochastic and many more
  • Fundamental
  • The ratio of financial & the company’s financial information up to the last financial report
  • You can now perform analyses independently using the information and tools before making the decision to transact

Account Management

  • Portfolio management
  • Monitor directly the value portfolio, realized / unrealized profit, cash value, as well as trading limit available
  • Online Reporting
  • All transactions that have been conducted was recorded in transparent online reporting in features
Rate And Commision
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Subscription cost data IDR 33.000/month

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